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my random happiness index


what makes me happy ??

hmmm... spotting a child anywhere regardless of with a crying or smiling face,regardless of with cloths or without cloths,regardless of staying in some uber cool home or street...regardless of being chubby or skinny... their own flavor...own charm and own magnetism to pull you towards them....their innocence ,simplicity,being happy even without any reason makes me happy and (jealous) too..

other than a child,....a butterfly, a grasshopper, a sparrow, a wild pigeon, some stupid funny acts by my hubby(may write another entry on that):-) , my dad's picture, sms jokes on TOI, a nice genuine compliment on my imaginary weight loose, being able to fit into a ill-fitting dress, a hello from a long lost friend,watching plants to grow, standing in one-ness with everything else around and watch the sun set...... have every possibility of lifting my happiness index higher on a NORMAL day....

so whats your happiness index.??? do let me know.....

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